Pakistan Flood Relief (Muzaffargarh District)

Pakistan Flood Relief (Muzaffargarh District)

Everybody in Pakistan is aware of devastating impact of flood in the country, occurred last year. There were many organizations involved in the relief process as soon as this disaster occurred.  I’m blogging about one activity going on in the District of Muzaffagarh, a neighbour district of City of Saints Multan, just at the bank of River Chenab. A group of some young doctors from Karachi reached to one of its small villages called Head-bakini in the month of Aug, 2010. These doctors are still in contact with one of the residents of the village, Mufti Abdul Hameed Rabbani. Although the flood is over and most of the people are back to their lives in their respective localities affected by the water, but the mentioned village remained out of reach of the government and NGOs. These people are still homeless and are compelled to bear the extreme cold weather without proper shelter.

I personally know Dr. Zuhair Khan (an ex-Hamdardian, Matricualted from Hamdard Public School, Karachi in 2000) who is one of the doctors working in that area. He with his colleagues is assisting Mufti Abdul Hameed Rabbani to provide shelters to the poor villagers, particularly to widows who are not only homeless but have lost their life partners and the financial supporters of their families also.

Although much has already been done in these effected area but there is still lot more to do. If you just look at the recent flood in Queensland, Australia it was the worst of Australian history and people willingly started the rehabilitation process on voluntarily basis right after the water subsided. Although the Australian government is richer than the Pakistani government with lot of resources but the Australians are there to help their suffered countrymen. So this is the responsibility of the nation itself to stand up on its own feet and not to rely on foreign ad or beg for the loans on easy instalments (so called).

To sensitize the issue and attract the attention of readers of this write up I’m taking this opportunity to request everybody to kindly help Dr. Zuhair and his colleagues. They are raising funds to build basic housing (a roof and four walls) for the most needy of the village which are widows with children. The cost of building one shelter is PKR 72,000.00 (AUD 850.00 approx.). This is the most important of all because of the winter season in the area. Already 17 of such houses have been successfully constructed and handed-over to the widows but still 31 are lagging due to insufficient funds. The fund raisers can be reached at the contacts below for further details. You can contribute from your Zakat, Sadaqat or simple charity money for the purpose. This act of generosity will be rewarded by Allah here and hereafter.

Contact persons with contact numbers and countries:

Mufti Abdul Hameed Rabbani: +92 300 2135 675 (Pakistan)

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Shafi: +92 300 358 1338 (Pakistan)

Dr. Zuhair Khan: +61421965440 (Australia) +92 334 343 9919 (Pakistan)

Faraz Khan:  +61 42 115 6732 (Australia)

A facebook group has also been created for the purpose; facebookers can join the same for latest updates at